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15 minutes ago, Withywarlock said:

I completely understand where you're coming from, but I'm the sort of person who wants proof it builds the forum (which I don't think even DC can provide because how does one measure such a thing?) and I also don't think people need to be rewarded for posting. Posting should be its own reward.

Don't get me wrong, I love internet points. I frequented r/fatlogic as the Reddit karma was intoxicating, but it wasn't a requirement for my continued contribution. But if Reddit were to disappear I'd happily find another forum helping people debunk fat activist rhetoric and myths about obesity. I initially joined this forum not for points, but to lend my experience as a recently former games journalist and an interest in the industry. It has been rather rewarding engaging in discussion and trying to probe beyond the surface of the topics presented.

I 100% agree. If the system is to remain it must be reworked. As of right now the only immediate answer I can think of, until we each get more ideas to bounce off one another, is to totally reset points. Have some silly prizes to spend them on, maybe some sort of "Veteran Member" or "Goldmember" badge for underneath your profile picture before they disappear, and we can start again.

Some very good points. I'm gonna go create a whole topic on this. As for what you have said, a gold member badge would be a very good way of rewarding good members, I love that idea. As for resetting everything, that should probably be a last case resort, since it'd anger the whole community.

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10 hours ago, Techno said:

Has anyone else noticed that there's is no real world news/events topic area? I feel like Debate, Religion, and Politics could be readjusted to allow that sort of thing.

You can post news relevant to Debate, Religion, and Politics within that sub forum. Otherwise, all news would be categorized under General Chat as you did with the Queen is dead thread. Just use your best judgment.

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6 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

What if we had open discussion on VGR news articles? Or somehow just have VGR news headlines in the Video Game Discussions section under Gaming News. A headline and link under Gaming News would be cool. That way we can always be reminded we have someone dedicating time to write news articles on VGR. 


I think that's a great idea. They do something very similar to that over on JoyFreak whare the editor's articles get posted as topics. The problem over there is that one of those editors (who shall remain nameless) basically abuses the system and uses thier "articles" to peddle affiliate links, some of which are really shady.


However, I am in support of this. I hope @DC can work that in in some automatic way, but in the meantime it might take either myself or @The Blackangel to update a sticky thread for it.

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