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Sea of Stars

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This looks promising. I like The Messenger a lot, the gameplay, visuals, and music specifically. The writing though was very cringe. It tried way too hard to be meta, and nearly all the jokes just fell flat because they were all basically “we know this is a game, isn’t that quirky?” I hope this game takes a more sincere approach, and the jokes are more genuine and less wink wink, nudge nudge.

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Huh, looks like an interesting game... ʻI have read a book with the title Starless Sea, though. It was a very imagination invoking book, I'll include the image below.
also in the book, it references another game with a similar title called: Sunless Sea. I'll also include a thumbnail 😁
this is also a great game that has some rogue-like elements to it. I also love the lore.



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Though i am not too conversant with this style of video games but this sure looks intriguing, I already looked up more game play videos on sea of stars and this is quite interesting.

I have looking for other interesting games for my Nintendo switch I feel I should just add this to it.

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