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Are there any good X-Files video games?

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Growing up, I was kinda into the X-files, but didn't always watch it because I was always freaked out by it. Even the intro to the show was unnerving for me growing up. Anyway, I got back into the X-files back a few years ago and watched some seasons. I clearly missed a good show. But that's not the point. I'm making this topic to see if there is any good video games based off of x-files? I know there was some X-files games released, but I only watched one lets play and I don't recall if they said it was good or bad. I'm curious to know if any good games exist. 

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Not that I know of. A lot of UFO topics over the years have reduced it's appeal since govt around the world accepted UFOs existence. And coming back to game there are some games which have similar theme but not really x-files. So I'd be interested too. 

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On 12/22/2021 at 6:49 PM, o-o said:

I kind of remember a lot years back (10+?) my brother played some X-files game, but I don't really remember the game; also, as for nowadays games, I don't really think there's any 2021 X-files game.

Oh yeah, there hasn't been an X-Files game in years. Bet the last one came out early 2000s, but that is just a guess. 

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