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Does anyone else have this amount of troubling platforming in older games?

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A lot of retro games had stiff controls. A lot of games done them right, like Super Mario bros. 

But there were a lot of other games with poor jumping. The NES Simpsons games had a tough jump that I always had trouble with. I think it's because Bart sometimes slides after, but that may be during an ice level. 

But yeah, some games just had bad jumping. 

And welcome to the forum! 👋

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I never played much of the old games, I  am not a retro favourite, but I do play some which I cross my lane when I go for reviews and see it there.  Some are hard like the street fighter, contra 4, RE 1 FF 1-7 etc. No easy game indeed provided you're playing at the highest difficulty. 

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I have complete opposite issue. Not sure if it’s OCD or what but if I start a game I must finish it. I know of 3x that I have not finished in my 30 years of gaming… and they still haunt me to this day I haven’t finished



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8 hours ago, StormyFire said:

Platforming is the worst. I avoid most games that have it. It's not my preferred style of playing. ^^

I am not sure in that case you would love games like "little nightmares" as it is mix of 3D with scrolling right side platform aspect. 

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