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Favorite classic MMOs?

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Dark Age of Camelot was easily my favorite. This could be attributed to it was the first MMORPG I played but generally haven't been excited for any game as much as I was for this. Use to love coming home and playing this game. There were soo many classes and each one felt unique. That being said Midgard/Thane all the way. When I unlocked the spell that dropped hammers from the sky, it was probably one of my greatest video game experiences.

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15 hours ago, skyfire said:

Ignoring the obvious like everquest, WOW. I wonder if the mobile based "clash of clans" would fit in "classic" category these days.

There is no way I could leave that game Everquest out. It was an outstanding classic MMO game. It was the 2nd on my list. 

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