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Bingo? Competitive Gaming?

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I had saw an advertisement for a Bingo app earlier last year, I believe it was called Bingo King. It's basically a gambling app, where you add money to your account, then you can use this money to pay your way into different Bingo tournaments. I played this game and started out making some pretty good money, then I wanted to get riskier. So, I had used my winnings to gamble a larger amount of money, then in the end, I ended up losing all my money plus some. 

Would you considered paid Bingo matches competitive gaming? Why or why not? 

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Absolutely not. 
I went gambling once when I turned twenty one and never went again for the fear of a gambling addiction. I have an addictive personality. 
Thus, If I played this bingo King app I would get really addicted and start gambling my money away. 
While I do the like the game of bingo I would stay away from this one. 



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I love this bingo card except where it lumps gay/black in with nerdy and single.

It's one thing if it's a comment of in the style of, "As a woman, it doesn’t bother me, so no-one else is allowed to be bothered," but I can relate to so many of these because the homophobia in games bingo card would need very few modifications.

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