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The Blackangel

Americans Should Be More Upset About The Right Wing Assault On Education And Teachers

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Nutballs exist in both parties who want to rewrite history too much in their "own image".  It's called extremism.  Personally, I don't feel like we can "white-wash", pun intended, lol, a lot of American history.   Nonetheless, though, a strong emphasis on certain social justice things is biased too much.

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18 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

This bill proposed by New Hampshire shows republican's true intention in their anti CRT motive. New Hampshire House Bill 1255 is titled 'Relative To Teacher's Loyalty'. Now just think about that title with Teacher's Loyalty. Do you think talking about race related history or any civil rights is disloyal? This bill takes after laws from 1949 where the USA had the Red Scare and made it illegal for teachers to mention anything about communism. So in todays climate and anti CRT where talking about history, the constitutional amendments, racism or any civil rights topics that may offend some white person somewhere to them is considered a Red Scare. What about the Nazi fascist scare that all that republicans are engaging in right here in present day? Democratic states better start passing laws to protect education for the long term before a republican gets elected there. Like banning Historical Negationism would be a good law all states and government should get behind.  

Let's just say it. These bills are anti-black. That is their target. They are trying to daemonize the black community as much as they possibly can. They want to reverse any and all civil rights laws, and go back to fucking Jim Crow. I'm absolutely positive that they would even reinstate slavery if they could.

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We can just throw the whole CRT out the window when schools allow this sort of thing; selling confederate flags and trump flags at a damn elementary school!!! Who's pushing what? Can't talk about slavery or racism, but you can sell confederate and trump flags! Yeehaw! Welcome to klanville.


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Republicans are trying to pass a whole sleuth of bills now from K-12 and colleges. As mentioned before about republicans wanting to ban workplace training to prevent racial discrimination, I was worried they would also ban the prevention of sexual harassment training, well guess what: They actually want to ban all workplace training of racial AND sexual harassment prevention of all staff from K-12 schools as well as staff in colleges and universities. Really? I'm speechless. Why would you want to do that? What sinister complex do these republicans hold bringing themselves to want to do that? At the same time pass the Don't Say Gay bill where you can't mention gender identity or sexual orientation in schools. What logic am I missing here? Do republicans have some sort of gender identifying phobia? Some sort of racial identifying phobia? Every job I have ever worked at has this kind of workplace training to make a better work environment. Why on Earth would you take that away from school staff? Is sex and HIV education next to go? I assume it is. 

Charter schools and vouchers:

The next big thing for republicans is to eliminate all public schools from grade school to colleges. It's no secret that Betsy Devos who was education secretary under trump wanted to eliminate public schools. She even found loop holes to distribute funding from public schools to private schools. Why do republicans want private and religious schools instead? That way it's run privately and they can teach and set whatever rules they want including indoctrination of students. This whole anti CRT is the foundation to lay the groundwork to grow private schools so that those schools get funding and absolutely no restrictions to their future indoctrination attempt. Remember the private school that allowed a teacher to force kids into a chant against Biden? The school did not punish the teacher whatsoever. They want that sort of thing in schools. Meanwhile black teachers are getting fired based on accusations with no proof. And look at my past post of the confederate flags and trump flags at an elementary school. Does that look like they are concerned by any CRT? Nope. They only want unwavering support for their own ideas. Private schools will allow their coming indoctrination. They want to establish a cult like presence in the country while hiding behind religion to mask their racist and genocidal tendencies. Charter schools basically allow for public funding, but operated privately and that is their new platform to bring their extremism into classrooms if it is run privately. That's dangerous, illegal, and is against the constitution to take public funds for private schools. 

Republicans are trying to pass bills to toss out current state boards of education and implement their own which would again give them the opportunity to use funds from a public institution and set up a charter school instead. 

What's up with vouchers? Devos has now found a loophole to take funds from public colleges and have it go to private colleges instead. Vouchers allow private donors that would have gone to state funding of colleges, to get tax breaks to set up scholarships that would go to private colleges instead of public ones. 

So they are finally attacking courses in universities which we all new they would. I've just been waiting for it, and this is just the beginning. Republicans want to offer a U.S. Constitution course to replace any course that has an ethnic studies requirement as part of its core curriculum. The constitution is a government class, not an ethnic studies class. That doesn't seem that bad, but it pretty much skirts the reason to have an ethnic studies class. I don't know what programs require ethnic studies besides psychology and probably medical; maybe business. But why the phobia in the first place? I wouldn't want someone graduating in a field that requires ethnic studies and refuses to take a course because they may be racist or a political extremist. And it's ironic substituting a constitution course when republicans just banned any talk of five different amendments to the U.S. constitution in grade schools. Republicans are just gravely incompetent leaders. This is just evil at play. 

Republicans also want to legalize concealed guns in all schools. Guns are more important than gender identity and history.

Arizona and Texas have a huge shortage of teachers in their states. Arizona has a third of teaching positions un-filled, and half of the filled positions don't have permanent status, instead are substitutes. So what is the republican solution? They are proposing bills to lower the standards of teaching dramatically. You would think teaching should be held to a more prestigious status and not just fill vacancies with just anybody. And this goes into their plan to dumb down public schools so they have lower testing results, which would make private schools even more enticing. Democrats want to increase salaries of teachers and provide better training while republicans want to fire teachers, make them fear for their jobs, fear their lives, be surrounded by guns, and lower their standards. 

An update to the destruction of universities and colleges by republicans:

1) Sue the universities

2) Mandatory surveys

3) Ban racial/sexual discrimination staff policy training

4) Get rid of tenure policy

5) Transfer public funds to private charter schools

6) Courses to replace ethnic studies course in required programs


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Kentucky is the first state that nearly passed into law to jail teachers just for teaching history. Kentucky republicans combined two bills, Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 138 which together would have jailed teachers. The democratic Kentucky governor Andy Beshear vetoed the bill after a policy analyst spotted it. Republicans who tried to push the bill claim it was a mistake and now there was a whole ordeal with vetoing the bill. If the analyst didn't spot it, then jailing teachers would have become law. 

"I don’t think a sponsor can claim there is a mistake in the bill they pushed through," Gov. Andy Beshear said Thursday. "Anything in that bill is the responsibility of that sponsor and of those who voted for it."

I guess we can expect more of this kind of scheming so called accidents that actual people have put together and voted for. If Kentucky didn't have a democratic governor to veto the bill, this bill would have been passed by republicans to jail teachers. 



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Here's an update to the republican 'book burning' or book banning status:

PEN America has put together an Index of School Book Bans from July 2021 to end of March 2022. During that period republicans have banned 1,586 books.

"The Index lists bans on 1,145 titles by 874 different authors, 198 illustrators, and 9 translators, impacting the literary, scholarly, and creative work of 1,081 people altogether."

"The Index lists book bans that have occurred in 86 school districts in 26 states. These districts represent 2,899 schools with a combined enrollment of over 2 million students."


PEN America, founded in 1922, was put in place to help protect literature and freedom of expression. "PEN America is the largest of the more than 100 centers worldwide that make up the PEN International network. PEN America works to ensure that people everywhere have the freedom to create literature, to convey information and ideas, to express their views, and to access the views, ideas, and literatures of others."


Here's the Index of School Book Bans from July 2021-March 31 2022


And most of these books are all written by 'marginalized authors.' "Most books being targeted for censorship are books that introduce ideas about diversity or our common humanity, books that teach children to recognize and respect humanity in one another,” said the chair of the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Rep. Jamie Raskin."


New York Public Library is now offering all those banned books free to check out. 

Republicans have embraced fascism and we are heading into 1930's Germany in 2020's America.

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Republicans in Milwaukee are trying to break up public schools into smaller districts so they can appoint their own board members and give vouchers to students to persuade them to go to private or charter schools. These vouchers are public money for public schools that republicans are using to break up public schools and try to get all kids into their cult like private schools. The democratic governor in Milwaukee vetoed that bill, but republicans are still trying to push it. 

You see; republicans want to DESTROY public schools!!! That is their plan! Break them down, appoint their own board members, and direct public money away from public schools and provide those funds for charter and private schools. Charter schools are their golden gateway to private schools because charter schools can have public funding but be privately owned. And once republicans get everything privately owned like schools and media, then that's when they will openly salute nazi flags and nobody can tell them they can't because that's their freedom of speech and the parents support it. 

Basically, public schools will be broke and segregated, and teachers will have even worse laws to abide by teaching and eventually face jail. You will see I'm right as every post I make we see things getting worse and worse. 

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The Clinton Township school board in Boone County, Indiana just had an election and the winner of the republican primary is a man who is in jail and is charged for killing his wife with a flower pot. Sounds like a joke, but this is real. Republicans voted for this guy to be on the school board, while he's in jail. How many ways do I have to say it? So they want to get rid of anybody they accuse of supporting CRT, while voting for a guy in jail accused of murder. Of murdering his own wife; to be on the school board. A fucking school board. Innocent until proven guilty right? Just like the accusations without proof of supporting CRT. Republicans have no shame. Something is really really sick with these republicans. Republicans are a morally broken culture. 

Of course if he's found guilty he can't be on the board because he will stay in prison. But to even vote for this guy and jeopardize their whole election hoping that he's innocent over some other candidate without that kind of baggage is plain psychotic in the minds of those voters. And that's without any thought in regards to the kids at the school. 



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Posted (edited)

Republican governor of Florida recently passed into law a survey for all colleges and universities to find out the political beliefs of employees and students. It's obviously unconstitutional being a violation of privacy rights. And it's designed to pit students against teachers and then blackmail colleges to strip away funding if they don't get more conservative. So finally we get to see the 13 questions asked. There are actually 21 questions for students and 24 questions for staff. 13 are listed here, I guess the rest of the questions are about race and gender. The original version of the survey had religious questions too. I don't know if it's left on or not. But there are 8 more questions we can't see here for students and 11 more for staff.

1) I feel that it is important to be able to express my political viewpoints without fear of negative consequences 

2) My College or university campus provides an environment for free expression of ideas, opinions and beliefs 

3) My college or university classes provide an environment for free expression of ideas, opinions, and beliefs 

4) I see examples of free and welcomed expression in my classes regularly. 

5) My professors or course instructors use class time to express their own social or political beliefs without objectively discussing opposing social or political beliefs. 

6) Students at my college or university are encouraged to consider a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives. 

7) I feel comfortable speaking up and giving my views on noncontroversial topics. 

8) I feel comfortable speaking up and giving my views on controversial topics. 

9) My college or university is doing a good job when it comes to promoting or encouraging diverse political viewpoints. 

10) I would be concerned if most of my professors or course instructors held the same political beliefs. 

11) I have felt intimidated to share my ideas or political opinions because they were different from those of my professors. 

12) My professors or course instructors are generally more (conservative, liberal, other, don’t know) 

13) My college or university is generally: More tolerant of liberal ideas and beliefs, More tolerant of conservative ideas and beliefs, Equally tolerant of both liberal and conservative ideas and beliefs.  

7 of these questions are direct political questions. 1,5,9,10,11,12,13. 

The United Faculty of Florida is a union that is encouraging a boycott of the survey, “Florida’s government has no right to know the thoughts, feelings, or political or religious beliefs of anyone, including the higher education community,” the letter said. “Privacy is the bedrock of democracy and a safeguard against autocratic control.”

"The union says it is concerned faculty members can be identified and targeted through questions in the faculty version about their demographic background and where they work."


Here is a statement released by the United Faculty of Florida union:

1) Florida’s government has no right to know the thoughts, feelings, or political or religious beliefs of anyone, including the higher education community. Privacy is the bedrock of democracy and a safeguard against autocratic control.

2) Ignoring this survey is an act that protects individuals of all political persuasions, now and into the future. This survey would not pass ‘validity tests’ in any institutional review process, as there is no way to ensure that responses will reflect the demographics of the institution. It is not worthy of time away from our teaching and research.

3) The specificity of the survey’s demographic questions allows for targeting of faculty, particularly faculty of color, and can be used to attack tenure.

4) Many of the survey’s questions are leading in nature and imply that there is a problem of viewpoint fairness on our campuses already–this is a conclusion searching for evidence, rather than the other way around.

5) Many of the survey’s questions ask respondents to report on what they believe their colleagues and students think and how they are behaving on campus. Surveillance has no place in Florida’s higher education system.

6) The survey will cause a chilling effect on freedom of speech and freedom of association on campus because faculty, staff, and students will be wondering whether their words and deeds will be reported to those in power.

7) Governor DeSantis and other legislators have threatened to defund or otherwise punish campuses whose responses do not match the appropriate ideology. This is not a standard of leadership or behavior that any member of Florida’s higher education community should support.




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The indoctrination continues in public schools. Ron DeSantis now just signed into law House Bill 395 that would require all Florida schools to teach about communism for 45 minutes on 'Victims of Communism Day.' Florida is the only state that has that requirement now. This is all going back to the days of the communist red scare. But it's amazing how Florida outlawed historical discussions of anything related to racism, civil rights, gender identity, and sexual orientation, but now forcing teaching about communism. I don't have a problem learning about the horrors of communism, but to exclude other historical events and any talk of racism just shows the ill intentions of fascist DeSantis. Democrats better get on board and start teaching about the horrors of fascism. This is a two way street, but democrats won't drive. 

Another thing I want to point out is a bipartisan bill to educate Americans about the WW2 era how Japanese Americans were placed into internment or detention camps and a bunch of republicans voted against it. So this cherry picking of ideals on what Americans are taught is outright censorship, oppressive, and politically immoral. Everyone should have the right to learn about ALL history without big government cherry picking it.


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If anyone honestly thinks anything else is going to happen here, they’re deluding themselves. Ever since Adolf seized power in 2016, republikkklans have been whipped up into a frenzy. They think that destroying what’s left of the formerly “United” States Of America, is going to get them what they want and make their lives better. And damn the rest of us. Especially those who are intelligent enough to know better.

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The U.S. Supreme Court today just legalized the use of government tax funds to be allowed for religious private schools in Maine. This is illegal. This is exactly what I was concerned about in previous posts and we are now witnessing it come to reality. Public tax funds used for religious private schools would by law make those schools have to follow state regulations just as public schools have to since they get public funds. That's the whole point of being a private school, so that you have less state control. This is a government sponsored endorsement of private religious schools which is against the Establishment Clause that is supposed to prevent government endorsement of religion as well as protect religious freedom. You can't protect religious freedom while taking tax dollars. That subjects you to regulations. And you can't use the government to allow public funds to go to private religious schools. We need real judges and constitution experts to force the justices to repeal this or bring a good case to revoke their law licenses because they are violating their oath in the Supreme Court. That court is a kangaroo court. 

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