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Is the middle class in the US sympathetic to the poor?

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A lot of them are, but I really believe a good many aren't.  I'm not sure which is the majority.  Well, money tends to make people obnoxious, I think.  Of course, certain people want to ignore their own faults by focusing on obvious losers.

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The problem that blurs the line is how the middle class has been dwindling over the years. So as more middle class becomes closer to the average person, including the poor, the middle class gains more sympathy for the poor and not the wealthy. Fascism favors corporatism. When a society is pro corporate, depending on trickle down that never comes, then the middle class shrinks even more and the poor class grows. That's why republicans favor corporations. Fascism and corporatism work together to bend the will of people, exploit them, control them, and ultimately puts all economic burden on the people. Republicans are against increasing the minimum wage. They gives tax breaks to the wealthy. They are against regulations and environmentalism, all due to the corporate/fascist agenda. Which drives the middle class into the poor class. And when people embrace fascism, the government has complete control over the economy and there becomes less and less businesses as they get bought out and everything becomes consolidated into a handful of corporations controlling everything; instead of capitalism, where there is a private ownership and individualistic pursuit. Even capitalism itself should be reformed and ban lobbying so that corporate money stays out of politics. When too much money goes into politics we get fascism, where politicians no longer regards the people, but instead sees the government as their personal business. 

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On 2/27/2022 at 1:25 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

Republicans are against increasing the minimum wage. They gives tax breaks to the wealthy.

The trend lately with democrats is inability to stop inflation and high gas prices.  In that case, Republican tax breaks to the wealthy or refusal of minimum wage increase means nothing.   The dems need to get in a leader to address the current American problems are they won't be the party of the poor, which they see themselves as - because they are supposedly pro-labor and are eager to hand out welfare.

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