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Monarchs as Despots

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In much of human history, leaders were not elected.  In that case, you had either a good or a bad ruler.   People could tolerate a good one, even though they didn't elect him/her.   Anyway, nowadays, monarchs are simply known as dictators and in western democracies they are seen as bad.   However, not everybody in the world sees them as bad.  It depends on a person's political thinking.  For instance, Marcos was seen as scum in the Philippines by many people, but others saw a strongman, kind of like how some people drool over Trump.  Anyway, the USA did back Marcos as well as several other dictators.  In that case, the American reaction to Ukraine lately seems hypocritical.  I mean, at what point was Saddam the USA's best buddy and when did he become "The Butcher of Baghdad"?

Well, actually, backtracking, many in the USA didn't mind dictators - as long as they kept communist dictators out. 

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