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Punk Rock

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Nowadays, it seems most punks are into politics, lol.   Anyway, though, back in the day, a lot of people felt rock was too elitist and complex.  They wanted the garage band stuff like when Buddy Holly started out.  In that case, they flat out rebelled against the music establishment, making their own music independently and playing simpler, more aggressive songs.

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Most of the original punk artists were into politics, just look at stuff from the Sex Pistols and the Clash. The two bands that people cite as being the “originals”.

I’m a big fan of the genre, but I’m not a fan of the community behind it. It’s full of a lot of gatekeeping and people flaunting their “street cred”. There’s also the fun aspect of when someone does something new, the punk community initially writes it off and says it’s “not real punk”, and then several years later your legitimacy is questioned if you don’t like that previously hated artist.

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