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Do women still crave macho guys?

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Well, to a large extent they do.  Well, any relationship site seems to say the same message for men.  You have to act all macho, no matter the circumstances.  Even if the general society promotes being all sensitive, you have to ignore it, because not being manly massively expands your problem.

Now, of course, this isn't some kowtowing to some conservative thinking or to the extreme, white nationalist thought.   I mean, a person could be a socialist to varying degrees or in other ways what is known as progressive and still adhere to the philosophy.   Also, being macho isn't being some wife beating pig, but rather just being strong.

Anyway, why do you figure those traditional ways of dealing with things work best for breakups and restoring broken relationships?

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No. Most women don't want some macho asshole. It's a big turnoff. We want a good guy. Mostly we want a guy who is manly, but macho is going too far. It's toxic masculinity. Be a man, but don't be some chickenshit so terrified of having any kind of feminine side or showing any sensitivity that you think it would make you less of a man.

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