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Racial Profiling

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When I was teaching English in South Korea in the 2000s, Americans were hated by a lot of the population.  In fact, when any bad thing happened involving Americans, whether it be poisoned USA beef or GIs raping a Korean, then the population would make Americans pay the best they could, assuming they could get near one.

Anyhow, this situation reminds me of the Jim Crow days.  In other words, African Americans were on their toes constantly and fearful of someone screwing up.  They knew a lot of people would have to pay the price, even if this was massively unfair.

Well, how do you feel about racial profiling?  Well, some extreme people might think that making the group pay for an individual strengthens the group.  However, that seems quite cruel to me.  Probably in some extreme conservative circles, you might find that opinion.

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