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The Ring Of Fire
Farron Balanced
Mr. Nightmare
Corpse Husband
Lazy Masquerade
Chilling Scares
The Humanist Report
The Young Turks
Doctor ER
Doctor Mike
The Damage Report
Rob Gavagan


I also like reaction videos, and RDR2 videos.

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  • Thunderf00t - Science channel mostly focusing on debunking pseudo science. used to be focused on debunking christianity but that would be kicking a dead horse nowadays.
  • The Proper People - Urbex channel where the hosts don't act like absolute imbeciles like most other urbexers. Plus great videography.
  • Cleetus McFarland - Drag racing and car tuning enthusiast and resident florida man shenanigans. Really grown from medium sized channel since I've started watching into a multi million dollar business now where they have their own private race track and host their own events.
  • blancolirio - air incident analysis from an actual pilot
  • KiraTV - Exposing fraud, lies, bad faith actors from the NFT/Crypto sphere and video gaming.
  • Midnight's Edge - Pop culture insider gossip channel, often hosts live chats with former / current industry insiders.
  • The ArchCast - Random rants about war and gaming
  • Adam Something - Politically focused channel with some good analysis, and occasionally a few misses, but everyone can make mistakes.
  • Critical Drinker - Amusing short form Movie critique channel
  • Fascinating Horror - Documentaries of old accidents and catastrophes
  • Plainly difficult - Documentaries of old accidents with focus on chemical and radiological accidents.
  • Exploring the Unbeaten path - Another urbex channel, but this guy often visits more interesting abandoned places, that few others do.
  • shiey - Illegal freedom, freight train hopping and going and camping in places where one is not supposed to
  • GIFGAS - train hopping, often does collabs with shiey
  • Arthur Tussik - car body repair, I find watching these videos oddly satisfying.

That's about it for the channels I watch regularly.

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