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How to get past the part with Rodric pushing the cart in A Plague Tale: Innocence

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If you are playing A Plague Tale: Innocence on PS5, you will get stuck at the part involving Rodric pushing a cart. The reason you will get stuck is because the aim assist is broken on the stairs. It isn’t you; it is a bug.

Here is the fix I found on Reddit/YouTube that worked for me:

1-Quit to main menu.

2-Reload your save.

3-Start the sequence again. Look to your left at the base of the stairs. You should see an alley that didn’t exist before.

4-Run into it and climb the ledge.

5-Move to the right of the post. Enemies will come at you.

6. Move to the left of the post. Kill them.

7-When they’re all dead, avoid arrows and return to cart.

You’re welcome.

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