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Is interracial marriage under attack by the GOP now?

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On 3/29/2022 at 2:21 PM, Lamarr the strelok said:

Whoever the fuck I choose to marry should be a Federal law allowing me to do so.And again we get false equivalencies with the war on drugs.A paper cut is different than having a .45 slug in your brain.I was in federal housing in 2011. I got caught with HALF a marijuana cigarette.(joint) I got served eviction papers.I went to a lawyer to see if I could overturn it. The lawyer said no it was federal law with no exceptions.He had a picture of Obama on his wall and I said it was surprising that he would allow BS like my situation would allow  it.The lawyer said oh no,this law is from the nineties when Newt fucking Gingrich and the rest of the GOP assholes had their contract on America.

      That's it. I would have been homeless because of half a joint if I didn't have family in town.Do you want to talk about crack?Crack is punished 10 times as harsh as powder cocaine. I think it used to be 100 times as punishing but black and Democratic leaders have been trying to get powder and crack cocaine punished on an equal footing.The argument is crack is more addictive than snorting it. Which is not really true but let's assume it is.No one will convince me smoking crack is more addictive than using a needle to do coke. It takes about 5 seconds with a lighter  to turn powder coke into liquid to use it with a needle.This is supposed to be about inter racial marriage.The idea that Dems and republicans are the same on drugs is easily dis- proven by decades of legislation.









We can agree that banning interracial marriage is silly and brings up images of segregation like separate water fountains.  I mean, get real people, lol.  Also, I'm sure many Republicans don't support it along despite the numerous other ones, maybe, who are looking for a "voting advantage".   Well, not to be off-topic, but I said before that everyone in a certain party isn't the same.

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