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Best Kirby Game

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Which is your favorite Kirby game ?

Mine is Kirby N64 Crystal Shards, this is the only kirby game that was actually different from the others since you could combine powers and create different variants like thunder and boomerang got you a light saber or fire and spike got you a fire bow and arrow.



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Growing up I loved playing Kirby games on SNES. Kirby's Dream Land 3 was a fun one!  Played the heck out of Kirby's Dream Course too.  I am really liking the latest Kirby game that's on the Switch now (Kirby and the Forgotten Land).  Got that one as soon as it came out! 

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I think I only ever played the original game on the NES and maybe one on the gameboy years ago. I may have played via an emulator, I don't really remember. It's been so long. 

I really need to play the rest of the Kirby games. I'm missing out on a lot of fun games. 

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