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Weird save issues on PS5 involving freezing?

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I’ve been having an issue where The Outer Worlds on PS5 sometimes freezes when I try to save. If I wait a really long time, it often un-sticks and then I can save. I thought the issue was specific to that game, but I’ve been having a similar problem with Skyrim the past few days, also on PS5. It is making me wonder if it is a system-wide problem. Anyone know anything about this? Hopefully it is just a coincidence, and it is the games themselves, not the console.

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On 4/26/2022 at 11:51 AM, Empire said:

Have you try and do a full reset. Keep in mind that you might loose all your saved files

Or even an override, it may work. It's worked for me in Playstation 4 most of the time. If it's possible to do it with her PS5, it's worth a try. 

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