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Do you watch Bollywood movies?

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Bollywood is the largest movie industry in the world in terms of number of movies released per year. Since I live next to India, I have been watching Bollywood movies since I was a kid. In fact I learned Hindi language by watching Bollywood movies.

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It's tremendous that you learned a new language as a result of watching another region's movie brand. I watched Bollywood in the past not now anymore. Even as I was watching it regularly in the past, I couldn't grasps the language used in making those Bollywood movies I watched in the past. Because, I wasn't paying attention to the spoken language. 

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27 minutes ago, Heatman said:

I rather watch a comedy show than watch a Bollywood movie. It's only Toofaan that's one of Indian Hindu-language movie that I really enjoyed watching years ago.

Who still remembered Toofaan? 

I enjoyed watching the Bollywood in the past. Most notable movie from the Indian high class movie industry I watched was: '3 Idiots'. I watched couple of them like that, which couldn't remember again. Nowadays I don't watch movies that much that's why I'm not able to put my eyes on Bollywood. 

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