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Consistent armor/weapon/combat style choices you make across games?

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Improvised weapon fighting style would be cool, especially if it popped the damage die up from a 1d4 to 1d6.nI know that takes the wind out of the sails of tavern brawler a little but they gave unarmed fighting 1d8 damage so who knows what’s reasonable with power creep.

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The hatchet is usually the most consistant weapon I choose when its offered. And I want it big enough where it's easily swung in one hand. Two hatchets is me running full on in the field of battle; yelling at nothing but my own hate for the foe I will slay; I don't need clanging noises while I'm running for the kill. Just threads that flap in the wind. I don't want my face covered but I do want head gear for intimidation, most likely an animal of ferocious reputation; Just run...run..run...and you will meet your fate. That's the spirit of the hatchet wielder. 

I always love to use shotguns. Most games never give you enough ammo to fully appreciate the gun. That's offensive to my right to splash my opponent and paint the room. I usually prefer gear that has animal hides or horns and decorated with symbolic jewels or stones multi colored. I would say only wear what you kill, but I don't want no dirty human femur as an arm guard. 

I love explosive weapons launched from far where you have to determine distance and game wind. I never use flash bangs and rarely use grenades. I like shooting things like propane tanks to blow things up. Machine guns and pistols do nothing for me. I prefer a mounted machine gun if I can get one. I love it. Just blasting away. I can just imagine myself holding a stronghold just blasting and blasting. I can do it forever. But it never lasts long in games for some reason. Never does. Such a tease always. 

Stealth always brings better immersion. But at times, I hear the music, music of the souls in the wind, warriors and slain alike, battling in the afterlife while I hear the wind; walking into a fortress as if I'm invincible. The world of guns takes all that away. Guns make things anti-personal. Blades make things personal. So now you know me. I am Hatchet Man. 

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