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Star Wars returns to Fortnite for Star Wars Day 2022!

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May the Fortnite be with you.

The battle royale game is celebrating Star Wars Day for the next two weeks with lightsabers, classic skins and quite possibly, Obi Wan Kenobi in his Jedi glory. (Old Ben was teased at the end of the event trailer, but not confirmed.)

Players can also undergo "Stormtrooper training" in a set of five Force-themed quests that when completed, will award participants an Empire Banner.


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But there are some caveats for padawans to consider. The buyable skins have all been seen before. Also, Fortnite does not include any content (Star Wars-themed or otherwise) released as part of past Battle Passes, which cost 100 V-bucks ($7.99 USD). 

This means that Mando and Baby Yoda, fan favorites from the Star Wars-filled Season 2, Chapter 5 that ran during winter 2020-21, will not be hyperdriving back into availability. And for now, those who have already invested thousands of V-bucks in the assorted skins, emotes and weapons coming back into the store will have to cross their fingers for new content to buy.

If you're looking for some real-life Fortnite gear for your gamer, check out our Fortnite Nerf gun deals guide to loot up for your next Loop.

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I have removed the link from the post as it was a shortened URL that is not permitted on VGR and will flag this user as this is clearly spam, but I have decided to the thread open on the chance people might want to discuss this.

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I really enjoyed my days watching all of the Star Wars movies and it's an interesting part that it's already in Fortnite. Epic Games with their Fortnite have been in several collaboration for a while now and they are still adding more. 

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I personally like star wars and would love I star wars themed season especially if lightsabres came back but the thing is unlike Marvel there is a lower quantity who like star wars and it would be quite similar in theme to c2 season 7

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11 hours ago, Boblee said:

I have already got for myself one of their Mythic weapon in the E11 Blaster Rifle and it's one good piece of gun that I love so much. 

I'm still considering the one to pick out for myself. I'm going to look into E11 Blaster Rifle and see if it's something that's going to offer me exactly what I crave for in a weapon. 

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