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Resident Evil Village - "Shadows of Rose" DLC, etc...

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Some new characters are coming to the Mercenaries mode. And the main game will have a third person mode, allowing Ethan Winters to be viewable (probably minus his face) in the classic over the shoulder perspective, that was introduced in RE4. A fan favourite title which RE8 strongly resembles. At least in my opinion.

There is good news, however. It's optional, so don't expect a downgrade overall. However, the "Shadows of Rose" story DLC which will specifically have you play as Rosemary Winters, will only be playable in third person for the time being anyway. But the main game still has the option for you to pick either camera perspective.

I think Capcom knew that RE fans were tired of having to endure only first person, as no original game has had third person so far, since their RE Engine was unveiled a number of years ago. The remakes of 2 and 3 do have third person. But keep in mind here, that reimaginings are NOT new stories.

Looks pretty interesting. It looks as if Duke could be a villain now. Unless of course, this is all just a dream or something, and it's not actually really happening, but exists in Rose's mind.

Duke however, had been planned to be the game's fifth lord that you were meant to do battle with, before he was completely altered to be a supporting character...


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