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Katri Marcell

Duel: PUBG Or Fortnite?

PUBG Or Fortnite?  

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  1. 1. PUBG Or Fortnite?

    • PUBG
    • Fortnite

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Let's look at some popular VS Battles in the video game industry. 

Battle Royale titles are possibly the most loved game genre right now. Which do you choose though and why? I'll go with Fortnite since Epic Games is doing some serious work in keeping the game updated and fun while PUBG was a bubble that bursted imo.

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I haven't played fortnite, I keep on saying that one day that I will, however it never came to be. Mostly it put me off since the game started to have allot of cheaters and then the updates keep on rolling out that put the game down. Regards PUBG  I have played like 30 hours and it's enjoyable however As an newbie it wasn't easy to get going, Meaning as soon as I get so close I get killed or get messed up with other players who higher level or those that cheat.

End of all my vote goes to PUBG as it#s something that that i do play and will play

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On 10/1/2018 at 9:59 PM, DylanC said:

From what I've played, I think I'd go for PUBG mainly because it's got a little more of a gritty and realistic tone. Fortnite is pretty addicting, though.

The realism in PUBG is what makes me to prefer it over Fortnite. How much play time do you have in that game? I think to buy it soon.

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