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A new UI theme would be cool

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yeah, I like the default color of the forum, as it's kinda "dark mode" already like how I like most of the websites, but I've read some article before about how some people like "white" themes better, or bright ones.


I usually understand forum themes are paid, having spent my fair share of time on multiple forum sites for years, (until now in fact) 😉

but if it's just colors, maybe that doesn't need to cost much. Or it's free sometimes to tweak colors... 🟥🟩🟦R-G-B anyone? 😁


usually the paid stuff is more on how the elements on the webpages are arranged, along with the color themes. but anyway, let's see what the opinions of the other members are.

on some forums that I go to, people like being able to set a "wallpaper" background or picture background, with glass blur effect on the main part of the post pages.

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Speaking for myself, I need some kind of "dark" theme for websites. My eyes are so photosensitive, that I can't tolerate that kind of glare. It's tot he point that I often have to wear sunglasses inside my house. The lights tend to not be turned on, and we only use 40 watt light bulbs. So everything I built was always set to a black background.

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