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How do you feel about the concept of AI gaming

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Giving AI freedom to do what it wants becomes viral like and will end up breaking its own game. You would have to set limits, and when you do that it becomes regular programmed AI like what we are used to. How can they create different story paths? That would end up being some random wacky shit that throws the whole story off. Unless it's a free roam open world with no story, then the AI can generate random quests. But a whole story? I don't see it being possible. I think the closest that comes to that is AC Odyssey where every village has message boards that has a bunch of side quests you can choose to do. And new ones are updated every day. Then when you do the quest, the AI randomly places a bandit camp on the map you go and attack. But to be able to instantly create a city or major story arc, the game will probably need to constantly be updated and our internet speeds and system speeds aren't up to the task yet. And reading other comments, I can agree that it would make the NPC's too challenging for the game. In a horror game, the sentient AI would be extremely scary, which is a good thing. You can even have a camera attached and the AI can see your room and say, "I will jump through that mirror next to that glass table, and strangle you with those shoe laces." I wouldn't be able to go to sleep after that. 

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The advancement of technology is truly tremendous and we have seen various innovation that in time past was beyond our widest scope of imagination.

VR is an indication of this technological growth as well as artificial intelligence (AI) though we don't have any robot that can think independently and decide what they want to do but we already have AI in video games development.

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