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Thinking of writing my own book

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So I was typing up a story earlier this year, and after a revise of it I managed to get to two chapters. I'm thinking of going back to it but wanted to hear some advice before I start again. So does anyone have wisdom on this or should I go somewhere else?

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You're editing your work, meaning you're conscious of problems with it and show a desire to improve your art. That's good, but I'd recommend you just try and write what you can before you edit it. You're not going to perfect your first draft even with edits; there will be more drafts in future which might take your fancy, and you'll want to chop and change them for the final product (before that sees an editor, should you go down that route.) I know doing drafts is a pain, believe me, I've done countless drafts of the same concept for over 15 years, but don't let that put you off your own work.

Keep at it. Don't force yourself, but psych yourself up for a set time and at that time you will write, and you will stick at it until whatever time you previously said you would. In the meantime, read more. Whoever your inspiration is, whatever kind of work you're looking at, read similar works to get ideas and the noggin joggin'. Listen to interviews, read articles, understand the material which inspires your work. It's a lot easier to write about what you know and understand.

There are other, better forums out there to discuss this, of that I'm sure. I don't engage in them myself, but you'll undoubtedly have better luck there than here. In the meantime, if you can tell us more about the problems you're facing or what improvements you want to make, I and I'm sure other readers here will do our best to help out.

Good luck!

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I've written 2 full length novels, several short stories, and a hell of a lot of unconventional poetry.

That said, I can offer some advice. I assume you're writing fiction?

The first sentence of every story is always the hardest. After that let the story write itself. Never force it. You have to have that itch to get back to writing it. But before you get too far you need to think about a few things.

1) Is it a narrative?
2) Are the characters relatable?
3) What kind of conflict will they be dealing with?
4) Is it told through eyes of a certain character?
5) Have you written a description of all the characters yet?
6) Do you know where you want to go with the story? Have you thought about the beginning, middle, and end separately so you know what you want to tell the reader?
7) Is it engaging enough to keep a person reading?
8.) Can you describe what your story is about to someone who asks?
9) Are you writing just as a hobby, or are you thinking about publishing?
10) Can YOU relate to your characters? For example in my first book, the main character was based off of me. We share a lot of the same attitude and view of the world. The only difference is that my character in that story is male, and I'm female.


If you need more just ask and I'll help as much as I can. As a note to what @Withywarlock said, one of my books is currently on its 8th draft ans the other is on its 7th. More drafts will follow. Until it's perfect in my eyes, it will keep getting edits and rewrites. So don't get discouraged if you go to 7, 8, or 100 drafts. If you don't like it where it is, no one else will either.

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I'm working on the final edits for my second book. I advise you to find your own writing and editing process. Mine is like:

1-Start writing a batch of chapters. Do some editing as I go.

2-Go back over that batch. Edit intensely twice, and then one more time more lightly.

Now the batch will seem relatively "finished." It gives me a solid foundationt to build the next chapter batch on. 

3-Proceed with next batch, do edits as listed.

4-When I have a whole book, do the same process of edits I did for each batch, but for the whole thing combined. 

For every "edit," I have listed, there are actually stages of nested smaller edits. 

It's a very looping, iterative process for me, because I am autistic, and that's how I work. Something like this might work for you, or something totally different. :)

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