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What can't you live without?

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  1. A portable filter to purify the water and make it potable/drinkable.
  2. A swiss army knife because it's a very versatile tool.
  3. A spear for spear-fishing/hunting animals/protecting yourself

As long as I have food and drinking water and build a good shelter, I'll be alright. I might love the luxury I'm afforded right now but I'm always prepared for the day things go left and I have to survive on just the essentials.

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I'd die without an Internet connection. I'm a spoiled millennial. 😆 So a workable phone with an Internet connection would be great, except that I'd be using it to call for help anyway. lmao

But I'm not that fussy when it comes to food. Just give me something normal like bread and butter and I'll be fine. No seafood though.

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Shelter, even if it's just a small tent, and some plastic to purify my water. I can make a spear to fish with. With purifying my own water, you just need a plastic sheet to have a couple feet up (preferably clear) that's angled downward and a plastic sheet below to catch the rain droplets of pure water. Then have some kind of reservoir to catch the water. Hence, pure drinkable water.

I would also need some kind of game. Something to do with my hands, eyes, and thoughts. Something to occupy empty time. I know how to make fire, so that's no issue. I can hunt and fish, so that's no problem. I could easily survive as long as I had my mind occupied. Maybe a Switch wit an infinite battery.

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If I am to go with a music player, and a purifier that will enable me to purify my urine or contaminated water when I'm tasty. This two things will encourage me to keep going when the journey seems tough. 

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