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Quality Street [chocolates] suck now...

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They all taste funny. Probably from having too much sugar and palm oil. 

The little 'chocolate block' one in the green wrapper leaves an odd burning sensation in your mouth. I'm not even sure what the hell it's supposed to be. It tastes nothing like milk chocolate, unless we're talking about that really rank, cheap stuff. 

They did away with the little box of Smarties a long time ago. Even the Cadbury Roses are terrible now, too. They are too sweet and sickly. 

In fact, most of our childhood favourites don't taste the same anymore. Mars. Rolos. Bounty. It's all awful now for some reason.

Cheaper ingredients? Meh.

Whatever it is, it's crap.


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The Green Triangle is hazelnut. If it is leaving a burning sensation in your mouth you may have an allergy to one of the ingredients most likely tree nuts (but possibly peanuts or milk). You should be cautious about eating them in future until you rule this out.

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