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Moore V Harper- Supreme Court- midterms- free and fair elections- investigations- USA democracy forever on a thread

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This is a lot in one topic but they all correlate together and I don't see how discussing each topic separate is possible. This is a big topic that will look at how current events can define the future of the USA. This is the crossroads, and all Americans hold an urgency that is extremely critical in shaping which direction this country takes. These are the moments history will remember like our independence from Britain and the Civil War. There are dark forces in this country who are actively working toward a dictatorship with theocratic abridgment of governance.

These midterms actually have boosted my confidence in American voters. They see the clear and present danger from Trump and his acolytes who keep talking about the big lie, stolen elections and election fraud. Americans have had it and it showed in these midterms. Most of the candidates that Trump endorsed have lost their election and even crazy Kari Lake lost her bid for governor which was the final straw you can say. And even now, she refuses to accept her loss and claims fraud in the Arizona election. Donors are even dropping Trump now. Republicans are in a sort of civil war of which direction their party needs to go in. And Americans have really done a good job navigating all the republican attempts at making bills to suppress voters. Even though republicans eliminated a lot of polling sites, decreased early voting days and times, Americans turned out to vote early in record numbers. It's not like they had much of a choice, but great job for expressing your right to vote while you still have it. After the elections, republicans have stated that young women and the younger generation Z came out in force to support democrats. So what is the republican solution? Now they want to raise the age to vote so as to block younger people from voting democrat. They want men to hurry up and marry women so as to block women from voting democrat? Yeah, just marry a woman and control her vote. Geesh. Are republicans going to pass a bunch more bills after these midterms to even further reduce polling sites, early voting days and times?  

Republicans did win the House but democrats kept the Senate. The GOP kept talking about a red wave that would wipeout the democrats all across the country, but was more like a trickle because Americans voted for democrats all across the board. The republicans were running on crime, inflation, and immigration while painting blacks as the crime syndicate; and inflation is a worldwide issue that Americans were smart enough to call republican's bull. Immigration, just more demonization of immigrants. Republicans have always had plenty of opportunities to make immigration policy and they never do. Democrats were on the defensive as usual with low president approval rating, running on democracy and civil rights, especially women's rights due to abortions getting banned. Republicans really need to place some of that blame on their conservative majority Supreme Court who engaged in the culture war by reversing Roe V Wade creating havoc for women's personal rights and helping motivate people to not support republicans.

Now that republicans have the House, their only intention is to investigate Hunter Biden and impeach Joe Biden. After all their complaint about inflation, crime, and immigration they have a chance to make some policies, so we will see if they are just all talk and America is watching for sure. And they demonize the DOJ and FBI for investigating Trump who has taken classified documents which he has already admitted to. And that traitor having all those documents? No telling what he did with them. Trump currently is in a state of defeat and I think he is finished even though he just stated he is running for president again. Commence the republican civil war. 

That leads me to some extremely important issues relating to this Supreme Court. Where do I even begin. We currently have a 6-3 conservative super majority in the Supreme Court thanks to republicans and their shady tactics blocking democrats from being able to put in a justice under Obama's presidency. And these 9 justices have lifetime tenure with absolutely zero oversight or any checks and balances. How could this happen? We should know by now never to trust that much power in man. This was bound to happen I guess. And yes, corrupt is what they are. Since conservatives became a super majority, they have repeatedly taken on cases relating to our civil liberties and elections and they favor republicans every time. They have blocked the right of citizens to sue police if they weren't read their Miranda Rights. They have blocked citizen's rights to sue doctors who overprescribe narcotics leading to addictions. They have allowed private religious schools to get public funding which is hacking away at the Establishment Clause put in place to separate religion and government, and the court has sided with a football coach to pray in public while on school grounds in a game, leading to potential problems like making students feel pressured to pray around the coach. They are taking on the Affirmative Action case and we all suspect they plan on getting rid of it. Makes you wonder, why would our Supreme Court take this case all of a sudden? Then there is the Roe V Wade case they overturned allowing states to ban abortions. These justices have even said they want to take a new look at gay marriages. Luckily, democrats and republicans alike voted to pass the Marriage Equality Act both in the House and Senate to codify gay and interracial marriages so that this Supreme Court cannot leave the decision to the states. 

Now on to elections in relation to this Supreme Court. Oh boy. The court has already allowed extreme racist gerrymandering for republicans which is unconstitutional. But who am I to say right? I'm not a SC justice. There is one extremely important case that will define what direction this country goes, whether it remains a democracy or not. Whether we continue to have free and fair elections or not. That is the Moore V Harper case the court will hear in early 2023. Republicans are pushing for this case because it allows them to have independent state legislature. What the heck is that? Independent state legislatures allows them to be able to do whatever they want in elections without any oversight from the constitution or the state's supreme court. What? No oversight from the constitution or law for elections? States will be able to go against the will of voters and choose whatever electorate they want who didn't even win a vote and have them represent the state for elections. That is not free and fair elections lol. When you lose the ability to choose who represents you, that is tyranny. So after all those bills suppressing voters, and gerrymandering, now we have come to this finale, the Moore V Harper case set to eliminate free and fair elections. And I have no doubt this abomination of a court will side with republicans on that case.

It gets worse. The justice Clarence Thomas needs to recuse himself from the Moore V Harper case because he has definite conflicts of interest due to his wife Ginni Thomas who is an active election denier! A freaking election denier advocate is a wife of a supreme court justice! You don't know the half of it. Ginni Thomas was recently indicted to the Jan 6 Committee who has been investigating the capital attack. Even while on the stand Ginni still promoted election lies. Ginni was also an advisory council for Turning Point Academy along with election denier Mike Lindell pillow guy on the board. Turning Point Academy, also supported by Proud Boys, is a fascist far right MAGA election denier academy trying to create an education system and recruit teachers to take over the education system of the country. Turning Point Academy is extremely racist and bigoted in every way. They got busses of people to go to the Jan 6 capital attack and one of their members was arrested for assaulting police. Ginni Thomas, wife of a Supreme Court Justice was on their advisory council? These nut jobs are going to make a decision on our elections? 

There are several conservative justices of the SC who are part of the Federalist Society, which is a far right group that wants to integrate religion into government. Talk about more conflicts of interest. Amy Coney Barrett used to be a real life religious Handmaid. There were religious advocates that would wine and dine the justices Thomas and Alito over the years dubbed the Operation Higher Court and funded by Don and Gayle Wright who had an office directly behind the Supreme Court. WTF??? 


To sum up, we made it through these mid terms with a positive note, only to have darker days surface with the Moore V Harper case and a corrupt and incompetent Supreme Court to make defining decisions in this country for the rest of their lives and our lives with zero oversight or checks and balances. But American wants to move on without Trump and that is clear, leaving republicans scramble for another idol they can cling to. Will they let go of their culture war and zero policy and become more moderate to start helping all Americans? The way they immediately go on a revenge tour in the House makes me believe otherwise. Maybe by some miracle the Supreme Court will not favor republicans in the Moore V Harper case and keep free and fair elections for our democracy. But I'm afraid they are hell bent on bringing religion into government to have a theocracy and that case will allow it emboldening republicans even further for a dictator. But America is awake. We see exactly what is going on. That much I'm confident about. 


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The 9 Supreme Court justices had their first arguments about the Moore V Harper case on 12/7/22 and supposedly will make their decision by summer of 2023. This case is about allowing independent state legislatures do whatever they want in elections without any oversight from the constitution or courts. It would end our democracy. So far the only 3 liberal justices are opposed to it obviously and 3 conservative justices, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, actually implied that they support independent state legislatures. As mentioned earlier, Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence hates elections and Clarence has no respect for his oath or duty to recuse himself from election cases for having conflicts of interest.

That leaves the other 3 conservative justices whose decision will decide our democracy. It takes 5 justices out of the 9 to decide a case. This really is one of the biggest court cases and it should be on the front page of every news about how U.S. democracy and free and fair elections is all going to be determined by 5 supreme court justices. 

More dirt is coming up with Samuel Alito as mentioned he and Clarence were wined and dined by special interest religious groups. Reverend Rob Schenck just testified under oath to the House Judiciary Committee that is investigating the Operation Higher Court scandal which is the religious groups wining and dining supreme court justices. I actually just found out it was actually being investigated; that's good news. During one of those little outings, Alito leaked the Hobby Lobby V Burwell 2014 decision to Schenck. The significance in that case was to allow the right of businesses to not allow contraceptives to be covered in insurance plans based on religious rights. 

We all know in 2022 Roe V Wade was overturned and there was another leak about the decision of the case before the supreme court confirmed it. We still don't know who leaked it but for all we know it could be one of the justices blabbering their big mouths while being seduced by a religious group at dinner and wine with a little gift here and there. 

I'm gonna bring up another case this Supreme Court is hearing which is the 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis which would allow religious groups, or anyone claiming to be religious to refuse service to gays. This case is one of those domino effects that could bring about segregation again. If you can refuse service to gays, what next? Justice Samuel Alito was taking arguments on this case and he made such a bigoted analogy for a justice, just makes you wonder how he is even a justice in the first place. While comparing the refusal of service to gays, Alito said that Santa shouldn't have to take a photo with a kid dressed in a KKK outfit. And then he say "You do see a lot of Black children in Ku Klux Klan outfits, right? All the time." A fucking supreme court justice said that? It's no wonder this supreme court wants to get rid of Affirmative Action which helps bring diversity into the workforce and colleges. This court wants to get rid of affirmative action! But that's another case.

Back to refusing service to people; we do have the Public Accommodations Law:


42 U.S.C. §2000a (a)All persons shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, as defined in this section, without discrimination on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.

LGBTQ are not protected from people refusing them service. That's fucked up. Why haven't they been included all this time? This court is showing us all these loop holes where they can oppress people. FYI, another thing that isn't protected by the constitution is education. That means states could completely ban education if they wanted to. 

Democrats are now waking up to this supreme court and how it lacks any oversight or ethics. Now they are at least trying to propose some kind of bill that would force the supreme court to uphold ethics. I say give them term limits. They are corrupted. 

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