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Zero covid Policy Protests

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So a bunch of Chinese citizens are protesting in China over a regulation called Zero-Covid Policy. Basically they lock people down who have covid, and everyone around that person. And since the protests are massive, journalists have been reporting on it, and it lead to a BBC journalist being arrested and reportedly beaten because the police were concerned about him getting Covid (I swear, I'm not making this up). They also censored the maskless crowds in the world cup.





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China has really taken that too far. I've seen one news article where a woman was crying and being dragged away to an isolation center. And that was recently. There is no telling what human rights violations have occurred since 2019. I don't agree with China's tactics, but they do have one of the largest populations in the world. Let's have a comparison here between China and the USA with Covid statistics. China has extreme policy vs USA having extreme Covid denial.

World population~ 8 billion

China population~ 1.4 billion

USA population~ 335 million

Worldwide Covid cases~ 645 million

China Covid cases~ 311 thousand

USA Covid cases~ 100 million

Worldwide Covid deaths~ 6.6 million

China Covid death~ 5,233

USA Covid death~ 1.1 million

China has had very few cases and deaths compared to the world even with their large population size. The USA has the most cases in the whole world and the most deaths in the whole world for Covid. That is extraordinary statistics for the USA being such a developed country with less people mohave this kind of an embarrassment. So these two extremes in China and the USA are both bad examples to set for the world. 

So where is the middle ground? China stops the spread by using force and the USA allows the spread through conspiracy driven ignorance. This is a pandemic and needs to be treated as such. But we do not need to violate human rights and we do not need deniers. We have already given the virus plenty of opportunity to mutate into different variants. So I believe Covid is here to stay in the long run and we might have to get vaccinated every season just like the flu shots. Or maybe we will develop a natural immunity, but how many have to die before that happens? So all I can say, is based on these statistics of these two countries, neither are right. Take a look at these stats and see how stupid America looks by how much they have led the world in deaths and cases. 



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After all the protests in China over Covid, now China has lifted Covid restrictions so that people can go back to work and keep businesses running. Now they are allowing everyone to work even if they have Covid and even without being tested for it. China just did a complete 180, so we will see how that affects the country. Almost like they are saying, you complained about it and now we will let you die...They went from human rights violations to total lax. 

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