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What games/series were you most upset to see become exclusives?

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It's not so much as exclusive now due to it going free to play and Epic Games coming together with Mediatonic to help with the games growth and progress but when Fall Guys was announced I was super excited to see a game like that coming to consoles as it's something I really enjoy and wanted to play it. When it was released in 2020 it became a PlayStation and Steam exclusive online for around 2 years where you would either have to buy it or have PlayStation Plus to play it. This lead to a lot of people including myself being left out from trying the game up until this year when they finally released it on all platforms as a free to play game.

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It wasn't an exclusive in the end, but the initial announcement for Rise of the Tomb Raider being only for Xbox was a huge slap in the face. My issue wasn't with it being exclusively on Xbox, but being exclusively on anything at all, because the series had just been rebooted on all platforms with Tomb Raider 2013 to much success. Any fans who had supported that game but didn't own an Xbox were now being shafted because Square Enix wanted the money Microsoft were offering for exclusivity, but again, the initial announcement didn't show any signs this was a timed exclusive. Even then, making it timed was still a slap by Square to all the fans who had made the reboot successful, and more fans were shafted than not by this decision because Xbox was the platform that Tomb Raider 2013 sold the least copies on by a notable margin. Again, this isn't to say that had it been exclusive to PS4 instead (where TR2013 sold the most copies) that it would've been any better, because to me no company should be rebooting a series to then immediately throw the fans under the bus with the sequel by making it exclusive to a particular platform if that reboot had been successful. It isn't like say Bayonetta (not that this was a reboot) where the second game would have never been made had Nintendo not funded Platinum to make it, in which case by all means make that exclusive to the people who made the game possible. But TR2013 made more than enough money to fund a sequel, if we ignore that Square sets stupidly high expectations on their games that most aren't going to reach in a decent timeframe.

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