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We can't. There is no plausible way to curb the rate of population growth that wouldn't infringe on human rights to have a family. Some will take a religious perspective on this. The bible says to "be fruitful and multiply" which means have children. Not a child. Children. So religious convictions could challenge anything implemented. Others simply don't believe in birth control. It's why the Duggar family has 22 kids. The parents like to fuck, and if she gets pregnant, they have the child.

Trying to set a limit the way China has would never work here in the west. Forced sterilization would create another January 6th. There's probably scenarios that I'm not thinking of, but they're no less ridiculous and implausible, if not impossible.

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Fun fact, this planet, Earth, can't sustain the current human population naturally, not even close. We really should number half of what we do  at the most. It's only thanks to the work of a German chemist named Fritz Haber that our population could grow to the point that it is today thanks to him basically inventing fertilizer, something that earned him a Nobel Prize. It could be true that nobody else in history has the lives of more people owed to them than Frits Harber. Unfortunatly, Fritz is also something of a controversial figure as he is also known as "The Father of Chemical Warfare" as the inventor of Chlorine Gas and other chemical weapons during WW1.


But onto the topic, and aside form the implementation of, let's say, somewhat "facist" ideas, there really isn't much that we could do. China's "one child" law didn't really work it not like genocide is very palatable.

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I don't think there really is any humane solution. You could have massive propaganda and scare people about STD's, provide condoms everywhere. Could seriously raise the cost of child support so the man or woman can't bounce from person to person, but that could put them in an economic crisis and a life of poverty. Everything else would be an act against humanity and rights. Many people don't want their children learning sex education in schools. Maybe there can be some kind of home program to teach parents and kids responsibility. Maybe a mandatory college course for all once they graduate high school. Or a senior level class they have to take before graduating. I actually think reducing population can happen naturally by providing really advanced technology in VR and have a simulation of pleasure with a machine that pleasures you just like the real thing. Why would you want anything else and spend money on someone and argue and all that hassle when you can get it anytime you want, safe and convenient whenever. 

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5 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

I knew a girl who had given birth to 8 kids simply from sleeping around. DFS took them all away from her, but she kept on doing the same thing.

Something needs to be done about that.


I must confess, I did actually laugh when I first read that because here in the UK, DFS is a furniture store:




I think I can safely assume that DFS in America is an acronym for some kind of social work service, but something about "the sofa experts" adopting at risk kids children from unfit parents I just found really funny. 

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