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Surprise gifts or not?

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I'm very specific about gifts I want. I even say that if I didn't ask for it then don't get it. Because I'd take a $20 fun game any day over a $100 sweater. I also like to give people gifts they ask for. I don't like it when people dictate gifts and get something different than what was asked for. Like why didn't you get me the tea I wanted and instead get me a razor because you think I need a shave. I'll just add it to my other 10 razors. Anyways...I got Dying Light 2 and Saints Row cause I asked for it!!! Yesssss

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@Rain Dew always asks me what I want, and I do the same with her. It's just a way to simplify things instead of sitting there thinking "Uhhhh.... Which one? If I pick that one, she's gonna send me right back out here. That one she'll break my spine." So we just ask for a list of some things we want. I have several Amazon lists of shit I want, so I sometimes just point her in that direction. She does the same.

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