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Where are Gacha Club's image files stored?

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Some effects are broken on Studio mode when adjusted, so it's probably easier to find the effect's image from the game's folder and use an art app to edit it and put it on the character. I'm sure there was a folder in my phone's files called "com.lunime.gachaclub" or something similar, but I can't find it anymore.

It's obviously not because of some update, this game hasn't been updated for 2 DARN YEARS. And it's impossible to just take a screenshot of the effect and erase the background when it's partially transparent. Unless you're the god or goddess of editing. So where are are the game's folders and files? Can we actually see and use them, or is Gacha Club literally just an executable like Sunky the Game?

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Why exactly are asking this question here? This forum has no direct association with the game nor it's dev's and is not a dedicated Gacha Club community, so why ask us instead of searching either for the problem or a forum/community more indigenously associated with the game?


What I'm about to do is likly the best any of us can do;

I hope that helps. I'll keep this thread open at least for now, but I will insist that discussion be only on this problem and not the game itself.

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