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5 hours ago, Katri Marcell said:

@StaceyPowers hmmmm I guess I'll choose walking around my area, listening to music and playing Pokemon GO 😛

That's about the only use of a smartphone that's ever sounded exciting to me.

5 hours ago, Katri Marcell said:

Which are your favorite TV Series?

Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Prison Break, Doctor Who, Torchwood, pretty much anything Bryan Fuller has worked on, Once Upon a Time, Star Trek (most of them), The Expanse, Cobra Kai, Fringe, I can go on and on.

What are yours?

17 hours ago, DC said:

What social stigma does society need to get over?

Society needs to give up bigotry in all of its forms.

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4 hours ago, Katri Marcell said:

@StaceyPowers for me it's How i met your mother, Stranger Things, Suits and Firefly. Firefly is a hidden gem, so if you haven't seen that alreafdy and are into Star Trek and sci-fi series you should definitely see it!

Good grief. How could I forget to mention Firefly? I never stop holding out hope that there will be a reboot/Season 2 someday.

3 hours ago, Katri Marcell said:

What's the one celebrity you really admire and why?

Genesis P-Orridge, for living a totally honest, unconventional life, and for being kind.

I also admire Rogue from the Cruxshadows and David Eugene Edwards of Wovenhand for their honesty in art as well.

What celebrities do you admire?

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On 12/1/2018 at 1:09 PM, DC said:

What’s the best / worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you?

I keep thinking about this and coming up completely blank. I'm not sure I've ever played one on anyone or had one played on me, at least that was memorable. That's pretty weird.

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