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VGR Member of the Month - January 2023 Nominations

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This is the official Member of the Month - January 2023 Nominations Thread. The winner will receive 500 VGR Forum Points which can be used in Bid for Rewards.

Member of the Month is generally awarded to the individual who had the biggest impact on the VGR Forum. This is generally in the form of contributing the most amount of posts in terms of quantity and/or quality, but can extend to referrals/promotion and other efforts to benefit the community.

You only nominate 1 member and you cannot nominate yourself.

Nominations end February 3rd at 8 EST then a new thread will be created for voting. Please keep all thread replies strictly to nominations - no anecdotal discussions/comments

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2 hours ago, Shagger said:

I'll nominate @Reality vs Adventure. Been strong in recent weeks with his contribution.

Thanks! That is much appreciated. It has been an interesting month in the gaming world. And with that said, a lot of things I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for the contributions by @Kane99 so I nominate him for member of the month. 

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