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Sorry about the title, wasn't sure about a way to title it with a greeting or whatever. Anyway, Female causal/semi-hardcore gamer, loves nintendo games(especially the lesser liked ones, what? all deserve love even if many people don't like it) Started with mostly lesser known DS games, ps3(mostly little big planet), and wii(mostly new super mario bros wii and return to dreamland original). I used to have a DS but I broke it with a pair of tweezers, nintendo didn't quality check in that regard but well who expects tweezers to be so deadly to electronics? I now have a New 3DS galaxy style, a switch, alongside the broken DSi XL, wii, and PS3. Never bought a wii u(wasn't too interested in many of the games, aside from splatoon) Weird fact:when I was a kid, I had asteroid impact/moon impact/some giant rock impact nightmares inspired by majora's mask, the imagination of a kid can go disturbingly far you know? I even thought ben drowned was a real glitch in majora's mask at the time. likely because i also have a strange ghost/something experience that is somewhat related due to the location being a haunted room in a hotel known for a female ghost who isn't harmful. If curious, search the Pink Lady of Grove Park Inn(that's the thing I felt like occurred as I felt some strange presence behind the cracked open bathroom door as I always slept with nightlights at that age - 8-12 if i remember correctly - but since it was the middle of the night and I kind of woke my older brother up by sitting up but not getting up fully because of what i felt and my bro asked what was wrong but i didn't know how to respond so i said i had to go the bathroom but i don't have to anymore(the only lie i remember ever telling in my whole life. I told anyone until the past 2 years as I asked about it on reddit before i quit reddit as they kept triggering my anxiety over how people view ME as a person). Hope to continue interacting with y'all.

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