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PGA Tour 2K23 will feature John Cena

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OK, who asked to play as John Cena in a golf game? Seriously, who? This is ridiculous! This is like announcing Lewis Hamilton as a playable character in Call of Duty. Even as a fan of both, and I am, this just doesn't make sense.

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Or Pavel Datsyuk being a pilot in Galaga.

Who in their right mind would think of golf when talking about John Cena? And vice versa. Granted he could easily kick some serious ass with a golf club in his hand, but he doesn't need the aid of a weapon. What's next? Jenna Jameson releasing a series of tapes supporting abstinence? I mean if she had as many dicks on the outside as she's had on the inside she'd look like a fucking porcupine. So she has to be the poster girl for abstinence.



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First of all, John Cena in a golf game? What's the point? So he can suplex his opponents if he loses and then throw them into the lake and the referee just pulls up in another golf kart to disqualify them for being outside the ring? (hilarious now that I think about it but still...). Why stop at John Cena? Go get The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker while you're at it. If this an April Fools prank, tell 2k games they're a couple days late.

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