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If your pet could understand and use money, what do you think they would buy first?

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If our family cat was still around I for sure know if she was able to gain access to some money, she would definitely buy treats and as many as she could get. She always loved treats and would always try and trick the others in the house to giving her more even if she'd had some. 

Our guinea pig would more than likely spend the money on treats, carrots or dandelion salad. 

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On 1/26/2024 at 8:13 AM, Debashis said:

If my pet could use money, I think they would buy their favorite treats or toys first. They might also buy cozy beds or new scratching posts to make their environment more comfortable.

Your pet would probably get you something too. Maybe a chew toy for the both of you to play with or something like that or a bed big enough for the both of you.

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