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Favorite Games From Summer Game Fest 2023

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1) Starfield was pretty good in my opinion - It almost seems like 6 games in one. Lots of Customization for ships, characters and outposts on different planets - if executed properly, it'll be game of the year easily. Release Date is September 6, 2023.

2) Armored Core 6's gameplay video was amazing in terms of the movement, graphical detail and also some of the systems in-game with the ability to call for a supply drop to repair you mech with a kit and restock ammo. Release Date is August 25,2023

Honestly, I'm looking forward to playing both games. What games were your favorite from Summer Game Fest so far?

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21 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

While not usually my thing, they both look badass, especially Armored Core 6. I'm definitely down to get that one depending on what system it's released on. If it's a PlayStation release, then it's mine.

Ps5, Xbox and PC so you'll be good to go. I've been an Armored Core player since the original game on PS1 and I'm looking forward to this game.

23 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

Both those games look awesome! I am super impressed by Starfield. Looks like that one has a massive world to explore. Bet it gets many awards. For me, it is a must play but unfortunately it is an Xbox exclusive and PC and I don't have an Xbox. 

Starfield might just make me stop playing Skyrim especially when the mods start coming out for it. Trust me, This and Armored Core 6 will take up majority of my gaming time - that is if they deliver as expected.

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