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If you had to use your first ever gamertag name now, would you?

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We all will have had a time when we first created our game accounts for our consoles that we chose a username that nowadays, we probably would not ever want to use again. 

I always remember my first ever gamertag and if I had to use it again now, I probably would be more than happy to but not sure it would fit me now. 

If you had to use the first ever gamertag you created now, would you do it? 

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I didn't have a Gamertag until I bought an Xbox One about a year after its launch. My current Gamertag is only a slight modification of my original. The only reason I wouldn't use my original is because it directly references a gaming community I've long left behind.

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On 9/26/2023 at 6:07 AM, Debashis said:

I've been having only one gamer tag name since the time I started playing games. I have no plans of changing it and would continue to use it forever probably. 🙂

It's not very often we see someone who is able to say they have never changed their gamertag and have no plans to change it 🙂 I must have changed mine around 4 times now and have stuck with the one I have now for quite a few years now. 



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