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Do you enjoy completing the challenges on Fortnite?

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Over the years we have seen Fortnite build up to the game it is today. If you played Fortnite in the beginning, you will know that the challenges each week were very easy and easy to complete within an hour in most cases. 

Six years later and we are now seeing challenges that are a little more of a challenge and take a little longer to complete than they used to. 

I will admit, I do enjoy the challenges we get now and I love that they are challenging as they should be.

Do you enjoy completing the challenges we get now on Fortnite? 

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On 11/19/2023 at 7:10 PM, svjiminfxv said:

I love completing the challenges on Fortnite. It gives me something to do when playing the games. Even when I don't have any challenges left, I'm always trying to complete some milestones and the daily challenges for that little bit extra of the XP. 

The addition of more quests to complete including milestones and daily quests really has been popular. I remember when you would get around 7 challenges a week and once they were complete, you never really had anything much to work towards and it was just playing the game for wins or a  high placement.

I have a lot of fun completing the many challenges we get now and it has helped me spend more time on the game. 

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