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Xbox Series S 1TB

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You may be aware that back in September, Microsoft released a new console which is the Xbox Series S but it is now in Carbon Black and has 1TB of storage. 

My kids have asked if they can upgrade to this console for Christmas and I have said I will see what I can do as it would be ideal being that they struggle or storage with their current Series S which has less storage. 

Have you or will you be picking up the Xbox Series S 1TB? 

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This is interesting. I'm not the biggest Xbox player, but @Rain Dew is. So I'll bring this up to her (she'll most likely be all in) and see what she says. I'll encourage her to log in and reply herself, but she has a hectic schedule most days so it may be a brief time before she's able to.

As for me, I would definitely upgrade to the 1t console. It's twice the storage space, which can often be a massive help for people who run out of space often with their games. I'm upgrading to a 1t micro SSD card in my Switch when I get paid next month from the 512g card I'm using right now.

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I think this is good for those who don't care to purchase physical games, plus honestly I think black looks better on a console. Plus it's got more storage which is always a plus, sure you could buy an external drive but they're expensive. I have physical games in my collection so it wouldn't really be worth it for me. I have a feeling there's going to be a good number of people getting one of these for Christmas this year.

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