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Are you hoping to get any games for Christmas?

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Christmas is slowly creeping up on us and with that comes a time when we either buy presents or we receive presents from friends and family.

Many people like to receive video games as gifts when it comes to Christmas and depending on which video games have been released and the ones that have not been picked up by yourself yet will depend on which ones you may like to receive for Christmas.

Are you hoping to get any games for Christmas? If so, which ones are you hoping for? 

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On 11/21/2023 at 2:04 PM, Debashis said:

Among the games that are already out, I'm looking forward to buy Red Dead Redemption 2. But the price is quite high at the moment. So, maybe if during Christmas we get it on sale, will definitely purchase it.


16 hours ago, CoryAR said:

I wouldn't mind getting Modern Warfare II and III for PS4, though III you probably won't be able to find as cheap as II from somewhere. I have Modern Warfare II on my Steam account, but not much good it does me with a broken gaming laptop.

Have you both checked out the Black Friday deals that are ongoing at the moment to see if they are on sale now?

I am never always able to jump on the Black Friday deals but some of them are a steal if you can find something you want to jump on at a price that is more affordable for you. 

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I'm hoping I will get Super Mario Wonder and I want to get a Evercade for Christmas as well. I also want the Duke Nukem Collections for the Evercade too. Every other thing I want for Christmas aren't video games, but they're still somewhat related to video games though.

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