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Do you have any favourite video game YouTubers?

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YouTube is another place I love watching video game content creators. Some of them tend to release videos and go live on YouTube and others just tend to release videos. 

My favourite YouTubers at the moment would have to be 

Daz Black (DazGames)

Do you enjoy watching any video game YouTubers? 

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8 hours ago, killamch89 said:

I have a whole list of them:

  1. Xpertthief
  2. Rhymestyle
  3. Dotodoya
  4. Seereax
  5. Elanip
  6. Eliteprime
  7. Just Havoc
  8. FamLauren
  9. JimboTimbo
  10. Putther Uncut

Elanip and Eliteprime are also among the YouTubers that I enjoy watching their video game's streaming contents. I've gotten better with games I watch them stream which I also play. 

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