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The Blackangel

What is one clicé that actually applies to you?

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One that applies to me is "I know a little about a lot, and a lot about a little". I say it all the time. Another is "I'll try anything once" but I take it up a notch. I say that I'll try anything TWICE. I do that, because the first time may have been decided purely down to circumstance. So I give it a second shot. That way I know I gave whatever it is a fair shot, and am comfortable in my decision. If it was bad on one try, and good on the other, I give it a third try from a third source. For example I may hate homemade meatloaf, but absolutely love it from a buffet. So I find another source and try it a third time. I believe giving just about everything a fair shot. I'm not going to take a kitchen knife and cut one boob off, and later the other one, just to see how it felt and whether or not it was painful. I'm crazy, not stupid.

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