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Game that had a profound impact on the gaming industry

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I would say SMB and Zelda. SMB was such a groundbreaking game, that it actually saved gaming from the crash of 1983. Since then, it has released hundreds of Mario titles and is probably the biggest gaming franchise in the world.

With Zelda, it introduced us to fantasy gaming. A hero with a sword going through dungeons to collect pieces of a legendary and magic object in order to save a princess. That's the kind of thing you read about in story books, not control and lead. As a result, it has released dozens of games, with no one alive being able to understand that goddamn Zelda timeline. Fuck you Shigeru Miyamoto.

Since those two games hit the market, gaming directions have gone wild. Other games In the NES library led to things that otherwise would never have been thought of. The games we have now all owe their existence to an earlier game somewhere.

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How about the Call of Duty franchise when it was seen as the best shooting game franchise ever released? This shooting game broke into the market like a wild fire. No gamer who enjoyed shooting games could say no to COD. 

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