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Take advantage of those free weekend trials for games?

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This isn't about game trials where you can download a game for a certain amount of time to test it out. This is more geared towards those weekend trials where you can download the full game, and play it unimpeded for the whole weekend. I know Xbox does it a lot, where they'll say you can play Call of Duty for the weekend. You can still earn achievements like when you own the game, but only for that specific weekend. Unless of course you decide to purchase the game. 

I've yet to try a weekend trial for a game, but I was close a few times. Do you ever take advantage of these free gaming weekends? I kind of wish they did it more often so we can get more time with games before actually making the purchase for a new game. 

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If I have the time and I know about games being available for free for a weekend I will do my best to jump on them. In some cases you can complete the game within that weekend which saves you some money but it also helps you decide whether or not you would buy the game instead of buying it and it being something you regret. 

I haven't jumped on a free weekend in a while to be honest. 

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Sadly, I haven't tried to play a weekend trial for any kind of game but in all honesty, it's something that's interesting for me to give it a try. At least, with how tight my schedule used to be, during weekends I will be able to have time and play more. 

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