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A Venom Spinoff could happen according to recent leaks

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Remember the news about Sony being hacked and a group allegedly had access to some private details, such as the upcoming Wolverine game. Well it looks like Sony didn't pay up the $2M the hackers requested, so they leaked all of it. Now, this topic isn't about the Wolverine game, but about a possible Venom game being in the works, a spin-off from the recent Spider-Man games that have come out. 

The game is said to be called “Venom: Lethal Protector." Which looks to be based off of an actual comic series of the same name. It's also said to be a 8-10 hour game. They're also saying Carnage could be a villain in the game. 

Read more about this news here: https://www.gamescordia.com/venom-spinoff-leak-insomniac-games/

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Regardless of news coverage, I don't trust so called "leaks" from any studio. More often than not, it's some disgruntled employee just looking to cause problems for the company they work for. They may be pissed at their boss for one reason or another, or weren't chosen for a team on a game they really wanted to work on. Hence they "leak" info on one thing or another. There may be a time or two that a leak could contain a bit of truth here or there, but I highly doubt it being the norm. So any leak, I take with a grain of salt. I mean how many times have things about GTAVI been "leaked", only to not have been true?


All that said, I have moved this topic to Video Games to Gaming News.

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