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He closed a video game shop decades ago. His games could sell for $1M.

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Well this is a cool story. A Nebraska man is finding out he might be a millionaire as he has tons of sealed games from a game store he owned in the 90s. He sadly had to close his gaming store down back in 1998, and was originally going to sell off the remaining stock in a sale, but instead decided to package up 300 or so games, all sealed, as he thought there may be some worth to these games in the next decade or more. He moved these games to a storage locker and sort of forgot about them. He was going to leave them to his nieces and nephews, but his brother ended up going through the storage unit and got some of them checked over by a local game store. 

They are now helping him sell the lot and it's estimated to be worth around $1M. I really wish I took better care of my stuff growing up. But as a gamer, I doubt I'd ever keep my games in the wrap anyway. 

But yeah, if you happen to have been a previous store owner, and kept some stock for later, I'd check to see what you have. You never know. 


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Lucky guy, I wish I took better care of my games as a kid but like you said I wouldn't have been able to just let the game sit there and not be played especially as a kid. I don't think games from this generation or the previous are going to be worth as much unless their digital versions get delisted. It's a good thing he decided to hold on to them and not sell them in the past like he was originally going to do.

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On 12/24/2023 at 7:45 AM, Kennysplash said:

I don’t understand though, so who still buy and play those 90s games for it to be worth that much? If I am to do that with games that are 12 years old now I would probably get a handshake for the pawn shop. Even if they’re kept as souvenirs, wow. 

There are still so many gamers who are so much into playing retro games. For the fact that the demand of those kind of games are higher than its supply. This is what makes the game's price hiked. 

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