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We're really due for a new NFL Blitz or NBA Jam/Street style games

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I feel it's time to come back to the extreme sports style games, like with NFL Blitz and NBA Jam and the Street series. Doesn't it feel like we haven't had those style of games in a while? Most of the games I'm seeing were live service games like that rumble wrestling game and that dodgeball game that dropped a few years ago. 

I feel were missing out from these franchises. NFL Blitz especially since it was such a blast with the first couple games. NBA Jam and Street are some of my favorite sports games. 

NFL street too is something I'm surprised hasn't been done. But that's EA for ya, rarely listen to their audience. 

Do you think we're due for these types of sports games making a resurgence? 

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I think that for those who are into NFL and NBA games, they are certainly due for these types of sports games making a great comeback. Unfortunately, it's not a sort of video game that I'm into playing but I know a few guys who would enjoy playing such games. 

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